Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thrifty Finds

This weekend the husband and I actually got to go thrifting sans kids.  They hate the whole yard sale experience and taking them to Estate sales is really hard, since they are crowded.  This weekend we drafted our plans on Friday, wrote down directions, dropped the kids off early Saturday morning and headed out.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day and a lot of sales had been rescheduled.  We still managed to hit a church yard sale, two estate sales, a garage sale and two thrift stores. We had a pretty good day find wise.  Most of my favorite finds of the day came from a thrift shop where I found a set of twenty-two handmade vintage napkins that look like they were never used.  Twenty-two, can you believe it?  I had planned on making some napkins for us to use to cut down on the waste in our house, but this find was so great now I don't have to!  Oh, and they were 4.98 for all twenty-two, plus a 25% off discount that they  had on linens that day!  At the same thrift store I also scored a beautiful handmade stained glass window quilted pillow for 1.98 and a handmade quilted table runner for 1.98.  SCORE!!!  They had several handmade quilts also, but they were in really poor condition.  I also found a few vintage hankies at an estate sale and we got a few books too.  The husband's big score was a giant speaker of some sort that he got for five dollars.  He has big plans and I'm going to try and support them unless they involve an ear piercing home theater.

So now I am off to work on some new updates for my Etsy shop.  Remember the camera bag I told you about yesterday, well I made another, better one last night and drafted a pattern for it.  I added a strap to this one.  I know lots of people sell stuff like this on Etsy, but I have to destash some fabric and mine is different so hopefully I will sale a few.  I'm also going to be making some wristlets and maybe a few other little items. I'm trying to sew at least one thing per day.  So, yeah I'm going to work, but first I will tackle the treadmill because I have to.

What good thrifty finds have you had recently?  What new projects are you working on?  Let me know I would love to hear!



  1. ooh i have a pillow just like this and i'm so glad i didn't pass it up! love it so much!

  2. You have the best luck, I swear! I'm itching to go treasure hunting with you, so let's make a date!

  3. Absolutely!! You tell me the day and I'm there! I was actually thinking of trying to do the 14th or 15th if you are game.