Monday, June 27, 2011

Back on Track

Well, I lost 2 lbs this week getting me to the 50 lb mark! I also bought a new pair of Reeboks, tossing out the old crappy New Balance. Such a difference. Today I did Yoga with the kids and then the treadmill and topped it off with weights. I also should say that I have thrown the Candida diet out the window. I tried I really did, but I wasn't doing good. Part of my success at Weight Watchers has been eating a good breakfast with lots of fiber. It's really hard to get enough fiber on such a limited diet. I'm glad I went back to eating normal, I feel better.  I have been changing some foods, trying to find better alternatives.  I use to eat a lot of Fiberone bars, but recently switched to GNU bars, they are all natural and have more fiber and no high fructose corn syrup.  I also switched to Kashi bars for snack bars.  This morning I had a bowl of shredded wheat with kefir and a banana, so good and so filling.  How is your week going so far?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Shoes?

So this morning I woke up bright and early, donned my workout gear and went downstairs to do my Bootcamp video. I was about 10 minutes in and in the middle of doing jumping jacks when I felt a pop in my knee and couldn't do another jumping jack. Also my feet were killing me after only 10 minutes. I'm 100% sure that it's my shoes that are to blame. I've had the same pair of poorly fitting New Balance for the last 5 or 6 years (sad, I know) They give me no support, it feels like I might as well be wearing flip flops. They are too wide and too big and just bad. I have another cheap pair of tennis shoes from Target (also at least 4 years old) that are too small and hurt my toes when I wear them. I think I'm just going to break down and get a new pair and I guess I'll stick to Yoga and weights for a few days until my knee feels better. Anyone have any good suggestions for shoes?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

Well on my quest to find suitable foods for this Candida diet I have found breakfast to be the hardest. Most mornings I just drink a glass of Kefir and call it a day. After a while though, that gets pretty boring. So I decided to try out quinoa for breakfast. In case you don't know about quinoa let me fill you in. Quinoa is a grain-like seed that can be cooked as you would rice, it is also a rare complete plant based protein, containing 12-18% protein and having a balanced set of amino acids. It is a good source of fiber, phosphorous, magnesium and iron and it's gluten free. It's pretty much a perfect food. We often make it for dinner with lots of veggies, beans and a little chicken. This week I bought a box of it and cooked the whole thing so I would have it ready in the fridge. So one morning for breakfast I mixed a little unsweetened coconut milk, stevia and fresh berries into and heated it up like you would oatmeal. At the end I added a little cinnamon. It was really good although the texture took a little getting used to, and I was really full all morning. If you have never tried quinoa before I can't recommend it enough, it's such a versatile food.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

Had a great week this week. I weighed in yesterday and lost 3lbs!! I think doing the Candida diet has made a difference. I'm still doing Weight Watchers but I've cut out most of the sugar and all of the bread. I've been trying really hard on the Candida diet but I've decided there is no way to go cold turkey on it. I've been easing myself into it. I've had a few slips I ate a regular tortilla, a scoop of ice cream and some balsamic vinegar dressing, not together of course :) Those were my big slips, so not too bad for a week. I've been eating a lot of quinoa, veggies, kefir and brown rice cakes, tortillas and crackers. I've eaten a ridiculous amount of cucumbers, they are just so good. As far as workouts go, last week they were all in the pool, except for one day when we went to the zoo and I counted walking the zoo as a workout. It was in the upper 90's here all last week and that was all I could make myself do. I did do strength training a few days, but this week I really want to make sure I'm doing it everyday switching between legs and arms. So looking forward to another good week this week, we're off to the zoo again today.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Candida Diet Day 1

Have you ever had that moment where you realize something so obvious that that you feel kind of dumb for not thinking of it sooner? I totally had that moment this week. I've been battling a really bad sinus infection that I'm sure was allergy induced. I am seriously allergic to mold. When I was tested the doctor had to redo all of my tests because I reacted so strongly to mold that it covered all the other test marks. So knowing this I try and avoid mold. I don't go into the basement or damp areas, I wear a mask when raking leaves and I take an allergy medicine every day. Yet I still end up getting sick from my allergies a lot. I always have this drainage going on. So here I am making something to eat the other day and I had this realization that I never considered the foods I eat as a culprit in my allergies. I mean hello, cheese and mold go hand in hand!

I started reading up on it and found that a lot of people have relieved themselves of their allergy symptoms by following a yeast free/mold free diet. It's kind of extreme, there is a lot that you can't have. You have to avoid sugar since it feeds yeast and mold in your body, a lot of fruits are out since they have high mold contents, basically you can have berries. Starchy vegetables have to be avoided for the same reasons. Peanuts, out. Breads or anything made with wheat or oats, out. Dairy, out. The good news is that vegetables are in and beans are okay as long as they are made from dried and not purchased canned. Meat and eggs are okay and kefir and yogurt are in. Stevia is the only sweetener that you can have. Most nuts are okay and grains like brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa are all acceptable. I have been thinking for a long time about giving up dairy since it absolutely kills my stomach and makes my drainage way worse. So I don't think that will be that bad. I also can't have caffeine, so no coffee, which is also okay because every time I drink that I feel terrible also. I can drink water and ginger tea and some almond milks.

After thinking about my day and how I eat I've realized that i really only need to make a few changes. This is what my typical meals look like and the Candida/Mold free changes that I hope to make;

I always eat a fiberone bar and banana

Candida/Mold free switch will be 1 cup Kefir or greek yogurt and berries.

I most often have a lo carb tortilla with black beans, peppers, lettuce, onion and a tiny amount of dressing.

Candida/Mold free switch will be either finding a buckwheat tortilla or skipping the tortilla and adding extra lettuce. The dressing will have to go but I'l either replace it with a dressing made from greek yogurt or a squeeze of lime.

I usually have either kefir, yogurt or carrots dipped in a greek yogurt dip.

Candida/Mold free switch: I'll probably just switch the carrots for bell pepper strips.

I usually have a lean protein (chicken, fish, beef) and veggies. Sometimes we have pasta or wraps.

Candida/Mold free switch: I'll be eating more brown rice and quinoa in place of pasta and as I said I'm hoping to find a tortilla substitute. We usually have fish that has a very light breading so that's out. I also love potatoes so that will probably be the hardest thing to give up. I'll be increasing my intake of greens, broccoli, squash and green beans.

This is the tough one. If I have dessert I usually eat a weight watcher ice cream. Ice cream is my weakness, even though my stomach hurts every time I eat it.

Candida/Mold free switch: I'm hoping that I can find a sorbet that is made with Stevia that would be awesome or maybe a coconut milk ice cream with Stevia.

So anyway, I'm headed to Whole Foods today to see what I can find and to get some Grapefruit seed extract since I keep hearing how great is is for sinus infections. I'm at least committed to giving this diet a good try while maintaining my weight watchers diet. If it made a change in my life where I didn't feel sick all the time it would be worth giving up any food.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

I was back on track this week at my weigh in and lost 2lbs. I worked out quite a bit this week and would have worked out everyday if I hadn't ended up with Strep throat and a crazy bad sinus infection mid week. I spent several days just lounging since any movement caused a serious amount of coughing and sweating. I did follow the plan very carefully and tried to stick to mostly whole foods. I ate a lot of red, yellow and orange peppers, pineapple, black beans and bananas this week. I also tried salmon burgers for the first time and they are delicious. So this week I am trying to get back on track with the workouts, at least doing weights for strength and some pool workouts until the coughing fits subside and I can start doing some treadmill and boot camp workouts.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deals From This Week

This week has been a good week for deals on my end. I broke down and bought a few dresses from Avenue this weekend since they had summer dresses on sale for 14.99 with an extra 25% off and free shipping which made them 11.24 each. Can't beat that! I also went to Walgreens and bought 38 dollars worth of merchandise which included: 2 Axe deodorants, a Gilette Fusion Razor, 2 Suave lotions, 2 Suave Conditioners, 4 packs of Orbit gum and a pack of Cottonelle Fresh Wipes. My total after coupons and two register rewards from the previous week was 7.12 and I got 8 dollars in register rewards to use on my next purchase. So far I'm having a great week for deals, what are some good deals you have come across?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

(image at weheartit)

This week was rough. I didn't lose anything at my weigh in Sunday. I know it was because I didn't pay close enough attention to my nutrition. I'm not going to make any excuses for myself, the week was really busy with my husband out of town and preparations for my son's birthday party and I let that get in my way. I know better and this week I'm kicking it up a notch and making sure I follow the program to a tee. I want to be down 50 lbs by my daughter's birthday on June 20th, so I have a few lbs to lose over the next few weeks. Wish me luck!