Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee Table Inspiration

We need a new coffee table, bad. We have a lovely one right now that we picked up at an estate sale a few years ago, vintage and a perfect fit for our living room. But it has screw on legs that were not meant to withstand the constant torture provided by two kids who have been seen sitting on it, shaking it, moving it, ramming Power Wheels into the side of and using it for the occasional horse barn or dog house. The husband has fixed it a few times now, but it just keeps getting worse. It's currently in a precarious leaning position and looks like it will lose that leg any day now. So I have been daydreaming of what I will get to replace it, I'm going to attempt some shopping this weekend if I can control my allergies for that long. I have visions of a statement piece, something that sort of ties everything together. It has to be sturdy, easy to clean and safe for the kiddos. Oh and a little storage wouldn't be to bad either. So here are a few ideas of things I think might work. Which one is your favorite?
Image from Weheartit

This one from Williams and Sonoma
This lovely blue one found here here
This amazing shadowbox coffee table, that wouldn't last a day with my kids but I still like it
Something like this?
Or this? (Pottery Barn)
I know I won't be buying any of these overpriced tables, but I have a few of my favorite spots to look in for deals and hopefully I can find something that is as inspiring as these. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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