Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Owl Baby Shower Part 2

I'm finally getting around to posting the items that I made gift wise for my SIL's Owl themed baby shower. As you can probably guess I based my gift theme around owl's also. I was lucky to find a few cute store bought items to help round out my basket, but most of the big items were handmade. My biggest contribution to the basket came in the way of my first serious quilt. I've made some other semi quilts, but this time I actually pieced it, made a sashing and quilted and binded it. I finished a few days before the shower, barely. I learned one lesson from quilting this, quilting is for people with more patience than me and a whole lot of free time. Any way here are the pics and explanations.
Owl themed baby quilt

Hair bow holder
Strawberry taggie blanket
Embroidered owl t-shirt

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  1. Everything looks great, Kim, but that quilt is especially adorable!