Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Bloom

This is normally my favorite time of year. I love being outside, working in the yard, planting pretty things and trying to get/keep our monster of a yard from overtaking us. Things have been a little different this year. I've done almost nothing. If I am outside for more than a few minutes I am miserable. My allergies are terrible this year. I've heard that this will be one of the worst years for seasonal allergies and everyone I know is suffering. I have tried everything and now I'm just trying to make due. The husband bought me some allergy masks over the weekend to try so I can still do some of the yard stuff. I gave them a try yesterday when Bug and I went out and tended to some of the pots. We went to a plant sale over the weekend and I bought a few things, basil, lemon grass, chives, mint, a few woodland plants for the forest and a couple of annuals to help fill out the pots. We did three pots yesterday and it felt so good to get that little bit accomplished. I did my pots a little bit different this year as we have had some issues with drainage in the past. I added a layer of drainage rock in the bottom then my soil and plants. Hopefully this will help some. I'm trying to do a few little things outside each week. So here are some pictures of the pots we have gotten finished over the last few weeks and a couple of gratuitous shots of my lilac that I dug up as a start from my great aunts last year and some cute little white flowers I planted last year called 'Candy Tuft'.
Best helper ever.

Pot prep.

'Candy Tuft'


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  1. I know what you mean about allergies. I can't wait to get outside to plant my herbs.