Monday, April 26, 2010

Shiny Purple Vinyl- The Toddler Messenger Bag

This week I set about to finally make a project from "One Yard Wonders" which I got for Christmas.  I had promised Sweets that I would make the "Toddler Messenger Bag" for her to use as a bag for her Leapster, months ago.  I bought the fabric a few months after that and it sat there staring at me until I finally decided to put it to use.  The pattern was really easy, but I have to say that while I consider myself an intermediate level sewer I had a few problems with the instructions, maybe it's just the way my brain works but when I was trying to construct the bag I screwed up a few times because the directions made no sense to me.  I finally just followed the few pictures provided and was able to piece together what I was suppose to do.  I used vinyl for the first time in this project and found it super easy to use and I like the results a lot!  I didn't use the Velcro that it calls for in the directions but opted for a button and buttonhole instead, mainly due to the fact that I had no Velcro.  I'm glad I did though because I like the looks and it makes it a little more secure.  Another tip I have about this pattern is that is is intended for a toddler and has no adjustments on the strap, after making it, it fit Sweets perfectly and she is almost 6.  It's a little too long for Bug who is almost 3.  All in all it was pretty easy after figuring out what they were trying to say and it makes a really cute little bag for kids.  The inside is made from some adorable forest animal fabric that I think is Michael Miller, but I cut off the info so I'm not 100% on that.

After making this I had quite a bit of the purple vinyl left over and set about to make a cute camera bag.  I also had a little scrap of this darling house fabric that ended up being exactly enough for this little pouch.  I used an oversized button and buttonhole for the closure on this too.  Its perfect for my camera and super cute.  I'm working on a pattern to make one that has a removable strap.  If it comes out well I may add a few to my Etsy shop.  I have tons of cute fabric that needs to be used!
Thanks for looking and if anybody knows the name/maker of either of these two prints I would love to know!

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  1. I finally got a chance to catch up with all that you've been doing! You've been busy! The messenger bag looks great!