Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Back!!

Anybody who still bothers to read this probably knows that I started blogging over at D.I.Y. Louisville late last year.  I'm busy as a bee over there blogging about crafty and local stuff and had pretty much abandoned this blog.  Much has been going on in my life and I see blogging here as a new opportunity to journal the many thoughts I have everyday.  So be prepared, I have lots to say.  You probably won't be seeing much crafty stuff here, but you'll be hearing a lot about my current weight loss plan, my family and kids, my thrifty goals, my crazy ass ideas and maybe you can struggle through some pictures of me as I attempt to be more fashionable.

So first things first, I have been on Weight Watchers since January.  I really can't believe I had let my self get so out of control.  My weight was crazy.  I had been eating fast and bad for years and dealing with my emotions by shoving food in my face.  Since January I have lost 37 lbs and I feel so amazing.  It's been hard, I've struggled with new ways to cope with my emotions and learning to eat for fuel not for fun.  I love Weight Watchers, I have tried so many diets that didn't work because they were diets.  I think it's impossible to stay on a diet for your entire life.  Weight Watchers has been slowly teaching me how to eat to be healthy.  I still have  along way to go to reach  my goal weight, like about 75 lbs.  I hope you guys will join with me as I reach my goals!

So I'm sharing a terrible picture of myself from November 2010 that made me want to cry and one from Easter 2011.

I'm in the cranberry dress.  This is at my sister's wedding.  She has also lost 35 lbs since then.


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