Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are You Looking At Me?

This week Sweets celebrated her half birthday at school, something they do for kids who have birthdays over the summer so they don't feel left out. Of course this meant mommy needed to make something. Sweets had one request- Zhu Zhu Pets. I can't begin to tell you the trouble that these little robotic hamsters have brought into our lives. Endless hours of searching store shelves for the elusive little buggers, Daddy and Aunt Amy waiting in frigid temperatures outdoors for just one of them, trip after trip to toys stores looking for the new 'babies' and now cupcakes featuring their adorable little faces. Oh, and they can't be just one color, that would be ridiculous. They must represent the Zhu Zhu's accurately. So luckily I found this lovely ladies instructions on how to recreate Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums and the rest of the gang in cupcake form. I didn't do as many colors as she had represented since I was juggling this task in between trips to my moms to do laundry while we await the repair man who may never come. I did do pink, light grey, dark grey, tan and peachy yellow. Their noses are pink jelly beans and their eyes brown m&m's. I did half in white cake and half in chocolate, straight from the box. Sweets was in love, so much in love that she actually cried because she couldn't bear to have anyone actually eat her friends the Zhu Zhu's. She asked if we could keep one in a case forever. I love that kid.

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