Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Flippin' Love Spring!

Awesome yellow shades from Anthroplogie (note- these are too pricey for me! I also found this cute pair at Hot Topic, for just 10 bucks!)

I am unbelievably happy that spring is finally here. I hate winter with a passion. I know I must have SAD because I feel like crap all winter, uninspired and lazy. Then as soon as the temps reach 60 or so and I see a little sunshine, I feel awesome. I've been out busting my butt in the yard the last couple of days and rockin' out the sewing machine and pretty much bursting at the seams with energy (probably partially due to my new addiction to energy drinks). My mind is full of things I want to do and buy to freshen myself and home up for the warm weather. So I thought I would share some of the things that are inspiring me these days. Oh and since I always feel like blogs that do this are just filling up space when they don't have anything to write, I want you to know that I have been working like a crazy person and have a ton of new craftiness to share but it is for an event this weekend so I want it to be secret until then. Also I tried to only pick stuff I might actually be able to afford!

1. Navy stripe purse from Bayanhippo on Etsy. I love this!

2. Havainanas from Piperlime, I'm asking for a pair for Easter. I love me some flips!

3. Miss Kim Lilac, I mean how could I resist? I bought one last year and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for blooms this year.

4. Anything with Popsicles on it. I especially love this dress from Crazy8 and I think I may have convinced Sweets that wearing a dress isn't that bad.

5. Frozen Yogurt. Last year we discovered that our little ice cream joint carries frozen yogurt in about 30 different flavors. I can't wait to go.

6. Kids Shovel from Lowes- I think every kid needs a real steel shovel that they use to dig in the ground

7. Floral head scarf- I use to wear these all the time, and I'm really feeling it again this year. I don't know where this one came from but Target has some great scarves in their Liberty of London collection here.

8. Essie nail polish in Looking For Love.


  1. I'm with you... I LOVE spring! Living in Arizona, Spring comes early and doesn't last long before it's too hot, so I have to spend as much time outside now as I can and soak it all in!

  2. Loving your Spring pics! Have a sweet day!

  3. Great spring pics! Enjoying spring weather!

    Welcome Spring Giveaway on my blog, enter by midnight tonight!

  4. I love the yellow sunglasses!

    Also, I see that you are (were?) reading Middlesex - I read it, too. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it when you're finished.

  5. I love that bag and the Essie Polish!!

    Found you on Etsy Forums
    Here's my blog...