Monday, March 29, 2010

Owl Baby Shower

Hoot! Hoot! This weekend I hosted a baby shower in honor of my dear sister-in-law. The theme was owls with pink, green and brown since that is also the theme for the babies room. I also threw in some strawberries for good measure because really could it be cuter than owls AND strawberries! Finding pre-made owl decorations was pretty much out of the question so I had to get crafty and you know how I like to get crafty! Here are some of the items I made.

Strawberry Fabric Bunting

Owl Cupcakes and It's a Girl Cupcakes- Chocolate With Vanilla Buttercream

Owl Cupcake Stand Topper

Owl Stir Sticks

Fabric Table Runner and Flower Arrangements With Painted Owl Masks

Decorated gift bags
I also made a bunch of cute items for my present and some yummy food, but I'm going to split those up in a couple of other posts. If you would like to know about the table dressings, I made runners for the main dining table and buffet and then just used fabric scraps as the runners for the little table and food table. We also hung tissue paper puffs ala' Martha and some cute store bought owl items that I found at Wally World.

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