Sunday, July 11, 2010


I haven't done much photography lately but this week I got to take some pictures of my beautiful niece and sister and brother in law.  Their first family pictures.  It was fun but way hot.  Even though I don't do it much any more I still love photography, what I don't love is how back breaking it can be.  I think most people imagine being a photographer just involves holding a camera and snapping pics.  The truth is you may have to hold that five pound camera for hours in 100 degree weather, on your knees, back, stomach, on the dirt, on the concrete, whatever it takes to get the shot.  When I worked in a studio it was the most grueling job I've ever had.  My knees were covered in bruises constantly and I can tell you that after doing a wedding shoot for 5 or 6 hours your back, neck and feet are screaming.  But anyway I still do love it just not as a job, and really how can you not love results like these?


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  1. They are the cutest family I have ever seen! What cutie pies!