Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Husband is Pretty Crafty Too.

Or at least handy.  I always show you my handy work or occasionally the kids, but what about the husband?  Well he always has a least a few projects going on and I repeatedly find myself feeling grateful that he is so handy.  Living in an old house on a good size yard (1 acre)  we are never without something that needs repairing, sprucing up, cut down or replaced.  We rarely call a repair man any more.  Over the years the husband has taught himself how to do pretty much everything you can think of.  He fixes the air conditioning, the car, the leaky basement, landscapes, plumbing issues, the pool, the computer and everything in between.  As we speak he is outside battling nearly 100 degree weather trying to fix our central air and an hour before that he was removing the alternator from one of our cars.  I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't call this crafty, but I think it takes a really creative mind to be able to figure all that stuff out. 

 So I wanted to share with you one of the projects he finished over the holiday weekend.  When we moved into our house the front had some massive flower beds that were very poorly landscaped, with plants that were far too large for flower beds (crepe myrtles) and pretty much everything was just done really shabby.  The landscape fabric was coming up and it was on a slope with nothing to contain the mulch so it all washed away.  Finally in our third year here we got around to fixing it.  The husband found a lot of rock on our property and used it to create a smaller bed, bought some other rocks and made a second tiered bed and then planted and mulched those areas and filled in the remaining space with sod.  

It makes our house look a million times better and I am so proud of him and all the hard work he does.  This was really back breaking work in hot weather and he even tolerated "help" from Sweets and Bug, he's the best.  I wish I had some before pictures but we of course didn't think to take them, just imagine a giant over grown mess :)

I love you babe, seriously you are the best.  Thanks for all you do.


  1. The new garden space look terrific! Well done! Great to have a handy husband, mine is pretty handy too. It's a good idea to show some of your husbands projects.

  2. Nothing better then a husband with skills! Amen