Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Happening?

My pretty organized cabinet.
  Pretty new marker and colored pencil bins.  These are cans from peanuts covered with scrapbook paper.

This week has been crazy for me.  Lots of running about to school functions, the welcoming of my new niece on Mother's Day, dealing with cleaning out our basement and flooding of our basement (although the husband did most of that), planning a birthday party for the kids, organizing anything not tied down,  moving my craft area to a new room and designing my new space, making two new areas for the kids to play and a myriad of craft projects to complete the above listed projects.  I have been busy, busy.  I've literally sat down to write this about 5 times, getting a sentence here and there!  So anyway I thought I would share some of the highlights of what I've been up to.  I'm sure you will be seeing many more updates about this craft room/playroom area that I am doing as it appears it will be several weeks in the making.  I had originally planned on doing it in a weekend, but I was a little over enthusiastic. Basically we took our sunroom which use to be a playroom for the kids and took everything out and made a giant playroom for them in the basement.  Then I took half of the room and made an arts/crafts area for the kids, a reading area for the kids, a shelf for Bug's trucks and a table for Sweets tree house and all of the Calico Critters and Puppies in My Pocket. The other half of the room houses my bookshelve with all of my crafty stuff neatly organized and my sewing area.  I'm knee deep in this project right now and have a lot I want to do. I've been getting a lot of my organization ideas from here:

Here is the new crafty shelf

The kids art shelf

A piece of embroidery I made for the wall

Details: I used a free pattern from Andrea Zuill available here:
I embroidered this on a piece of vintage sheet.

My newly reupholstered vintage office chair

Details:  I bought the chair for 19.99 at a Peddlars Mall, along with a still in package vintage sheet for 6 dollars and after lots of cursing, removing a thousand screws, bending some dangerous looking hooks out, cutting, stapling and re-screwing in a thousand screws I have my new adorable office chair.  I LOVE it so much!  The sheet was a full size too, so I have plans to make an Amy Butler gumdrop pillow for the room out of it also.

So that is what I have been doing, what's new with you?


  1. Love the chair! The print reminds me of lovely spring day.
    Sorry to hear about your basement. I hope you didn't lose too much. :( I live in the Nashville area and work as a 911 dispatcher in Franklin, TN. I worked the weekend of the flood. The devastation and loss of life...just indescribable.

  2. Love the chair and your newly reorganized shelves!

  3. Love the chair and the embroidered wall hanging!

    New follower from the etsy forums!
    Stop by when you get a chance.

  4. I love everything ! Your time was well spent. Ironically I too am in a sunroom ( except mine doesn't even get actual sun and we have to close it off in winter). Love the scrap book paper, the shelves, the chair and the embroidery BEST !!! I haven't done that in ages and you make me want to !!! Congrats :

    Are those storage boxes from Target ?

  5. Yes! They are the Liberty of London from Target. But I also got some cute ones from TJMaxx that aren't in the picture!

  6. I so need to get my sewing room organized! I love the colors of the sheet. And the embroidery is fun and whimsical! You've inspired me!!!