Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft Room Part 2

Well my craft area is finally complete.  I have a few more things I'd like to do on the kid side but I'm happy with my half.  This past weekend I finished moving some stuff, hung up my art/inspiration wall, painted shelves and hung hung them along with a board that holds my tools and inspiration pics.  I am so in love with this space.  Before I was in a small corner of our bedroom.  It was more of a chore to craft there and now it feels like fun.  I am so inspired in this space, I love looking at all my art.  It's the one area of  our house that I can say I decorated just for me.  My husband bought the shelf and storage boxes as a mothers day present and everything else was either made, thrifted, already owned or came from TJMaxx/Marshalls.  So without further ado here are the pictures.

Another shot of my reupholstered chair, just because I love it so.

Close up of the shelf, I keep the bulk of my craft supplies here and all of my favorite fabrics.

The sewing area.  I've had a lot of questions about my machine and it is a vintage Emdeko, probably early 60's.  It belonged to my grandmother.  It is a great machine, very heavy duty.  If you ever find one I suggest grabbing it up.

My ironing area, and a peek at the shelves. The holders are just food cans covered in scrapbook paper.

My shelves and storage board (TJMaxx) it has loops with snaps for all my scissors.

The art area, I made everything with the exception of the bird plaque.

One of my favorite projects from this room.  I took a cute purse that was too small for my stuff, cut off the handles, shortened them and sewed one back onto the back as a loop to hang it from.  Now I use it to store all my papers.

Another view.

Now to sew some presents! I hope this gives some inspiration on how to set up a craft room on a low budget (I spent about 150 total) and in a small space.  If you have any questions or want more specifics on anything seen let me know.



  1. Love it, all the patterns & colors --SO FUN & inspiring. You will get much creative joy from that room for years to come. Congrats!

  2. love it! so cute and practical.. and that chair!! i am kind of sad that it's not in my craft room right now. it's so awesome!

  3. Isn't it great to have something of your own ! Kudos to you - enjoy it !!!

  4. Makes me want to bring my machine over and set up camp! :)

  5. it looks so cute. esp the art wall.. love the foral designs and all the different colours. I can't wait to have a craft space of my own

  6. i LOVE that chair! and the rest of the room too :)

  7. You've inspired me to get to work on my space!! The purse ideas is great!