Monday, May 24, 2010

List Trouble

Hi, my name is Kim and I am a chronic list maker.  It's true I make lists.  Lots of them.  All of the time.  It's kind of sick.  I don't just make an occasional to do or grocery list, oh no.  I make detailed crazy people lists and I'm actually pretty proud of it.  It may be a little over the top but it's how I function.  I make lists about birthday's and parties, gifts, chores and shopping.  Then I also like to write down all of my ideas, like every one, in detail, with sketches.  I like to write down my plans, each day.  All of the things I need to do, what I'm going to eat for each  meal.  I think you are getting the idea, I write down a lot of stuff, but it does keep me grounded and focused as I'm a person whose mind tends to wander off quite a bit.  The big problem with all this note taking was the fact that I took notes on everything, no scrap of paper was safe and I usually ended up losing half of my little lists and notes and remaking them.  I have been doing this for years and can't believe that it just know occurred to me to buy notebooks.  I bought two, a small one and a larger one to keep in the craft room.  I can't believe how much more organized I feel.  It's also inspiring to know that I have that little book and pen in my purse and can jot down ideas.  I find that I'm coming up with more ideas or maybe just remembering more of them since they are in my little book.  I've also started writing down my budget and all of my spending which is super helpful.  Yes, I do know that most people are using their fancy iPhones and what have you for such tasks, but the husband won't buy me one so for now I use paper and pen.  So I know this post isn't very crafty in nature as I didn't make the notebooks out of used cereal boxes and line them with paper made from dryer lint or anything, but it does make me more organized, which in turn makes me more crafty!  As I've mentioned recently I'm all about the organization so what are some of your favorite organization tips?

Also in other news I have been updating my Etsy shop quite a bit and there are lots of fresh new things for sale.  Here is a little sample.



  1. I love the new items in your shop. I love the green frame that says" Hello" Super cute!!!

  2. oh my......I make lists too......they are everywhere......but if I don't write it probably won't gives me a plan of embarrassing........

  3. the recipe was excellent !