Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week- Days 2-5

So initially I had only intended on giving the teachers one gift this week, until when they thanked me for Mondays gift the teacher said, " Thank you so much, we wouldn't even had known it was Teacher Appreciation Week if it hadn't been for you" what?!  Apparently we are the only parents who gave them anything this week.  Come on folks it's public school, you're kid goes for free, cough up a few bucks and get the teachers a little something!  GEEZ.  So I immediately came home and set about ideas for everyday of the week.  I'm only doing everyday for her two main teachers.  So for day two I baked some homemade bread, ran to the store and grabbed some gourmet jams, came home and found some new dish clothes in my crafting bin and used the clothes to wrap the bread in straight out of the oven.  I tied a ribbon around it and a cute little hand drawn tag and ran to school.  The bread was still warm when I got there and the teachers seemed stunned.  "But you already gave us a gift"  they said.  I replied with "you deserve something everyday".  People passed by and commented on the smell of the bread.  It was great and they were super happy.

Today Sweets took in little bags of gourmet nuts with a hand drawn tag that read 'We know sometimes the kids may drive you NUTS, but thanks for all you do'  I didn't get a picture of these.  For tomorrow we have some beautiful little notebooks I picked up with a tag that says 'Just a little note to say we think you are special'.

 Friday is an aromatherapy eye mask with a gourmet chocolate bar attached and the tag 'You deserve a break, thanks for being so special'.

In slightly related news, I have found the most unbelievable blog.  I heart it big time.  It may be my first official blog crush.  This lady is kind of my hero and when you see her amazing ideas and adorable home you are going to love her too. She pretty much has revolutionized the way I think about organization.  This weekend things are going to change around here.  After reading all of her posts on organization I went into my bathroom last night and pretty much cussed it out.  I told the cabinet that it was a disgrace and the shelf should be ashamed of itself.  Just wait until I start with the cabinets downstairs, they'll never want to show their faces around here again. I've been running around saying "organization station" like a crazy person.  So any way check her out please I promise you will not be sorry!  Just a Girl 



  1. I think we were separated at birth. I am making muffins and made my boys write letters to everyone they interact with because no one else did ! Lord we've been living on a cut salary for a year and a half and I can still BAKE something for god sakes...ok I feel better now. Lovely ideas - these people spend how many hours a day with our CHILDREN people! sigh