Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow Poke Farm

I love this picture, they look so uncomfortable!

Let me start by catching you up a little.  I had been feeling sick all week and was just getting worse instead of better, so Thursday night I decided to go to Walgreen's and see the Nurse Practitioner there.  After waiting an hour and a half to see her, she told me that I had bad ear infections in both ears and a throat infection.  She prescribed some meds and sent me on my way, stating that she was pretty amazed that my ears weren't causing me a lot of pain.  Well almost as if on cue they started to that night and have continued to all weekend.  Friday morning came and I had promised my niece that I would go on her field trip to the farm with her, and I don't break my promises to kids if at all possible.  So I drug my sick, coughing, wheezing self and Bug out to Slow Poke Farm in Shepherdsville, KY.  The kids had the best time, they picked pumpkins, went through a hay maze and a corn maze, took a hayride, got to feed cows and chickens, roll pumpkins down a hill and play in baby pools filled with dried corn.  I however, found myself choking on hay dust and clinging onto the side of the hayride truck while somewhere around 5 to 7 children stroked my hair in a weird way, still haven't figured that out.  I'm sure I would have normally loved the experience, because it really is a nice farm, with lots to do, just not while you are ill.  Oh, and the funniest part of the day for me, was watching the parents get freaked out by the chickens running around loose.  There were parents running from chickens and screaming, hilarious, especially for a girl who grew up with chickens.  So that was my Friday, I also spent that evening doing some serious baking for our fall party, but I'll catch you up on all of that tomorrow.  For now enjoy the pictures from Slow Poke Farm.

Bug getting completely licked by a cow tongue!

Bug showing no fear of the chickens, he wanted them to eat from his hand.

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  1. I know K loved having you there - you are such a trooper!