Monday, August 2, 2010

Organix Coconut Milk

I have long hair.  It is about to the middle of my back.  It's also colored, although I try to only do that every three months or so to ease the strain on my hair. This summer has been hell on my hair.  It is so dry and brittle right now, I hate it.  I have tried deep conditioners, hair masks, moisturizing shampoos, staying out of the pool, air drying instead of blow drying and everything else.  My hair is also really thick, but not coarse.  With it being on the dry side I have also been dealing with frizzy, fly away hair and no shine.  I keep buying stuff but nothing really helps.  I have bought products that claim to help fight frizz, control thick hair and add shine.  I have bought everything from cheap drugstore hair products to expensive salon brands.  Still not happy.

This week I once again found myself staring at the vast product selection in the aisle at Target determined to try something else.  I settled on a new hair masque, that I haven't tried yet but will review when I do and Organix Coconut Milk- Leave In Nourishing Milk.  The Nourishing Milk comes in a spray bottle and you just spray it on your hair and leave it in.  It contains organic coconut milk and egg whites, which are suppose to help strengthen and moisturize your hair to prevent breakage and is sulfate free.  I used it as soon as I got home and could not believe how good this stuff was.  My hair felt so soft and was shiny and strong feeling.  No more brittle scratchy feeling hair.  I made my husband feel it I was so excited.  It also has a great smell.  Not like suntan lotion which is how a lot of coconut things smell to me, but like some yummy coconut baked goods or something.  I kept smelling my hair all night, which is sort of a weird thing to do when you are out in public on a date!  I've since been using it every day and am so happy with it.  I spray it on my hair either wet or dry and brush it through, I try and spray a little extra on the ends.  I can't wait to try the rest of this line of products.  No they didn't pay me to try this or give it to me free, I just figured there are a lot of ladies like me out there who keep throwing away money trying products that don't work.  I hope this little review helps you out, I plan on doing some more in the coming weeks.  UPDATE, I went and bought the Organix Shea Butter Shampoo and conditioner and the Coconut Milk Mousse today and can't wait to use them!



  1. Thats great! This sounds like something I need to try :)

  2. I went out to find some of this goodness. They didn't have the coconut milk but did have the Shea butter....I hope it works for me too....this summer is frying my hair ! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. This stuff is totally awesome ! I got the shampoo/conditioner and "mousse" smells like heaven and hair doesn't feel oily at all !!!

  4. Don't you love it! I can't believe how good it is and it's a great price. I'm glad you like it!