Tuesday, August 24, 2010

KY State Fair

Every year I look forward to the State Fair.  It's crowded, hot and overpriced, but there is something I just love about all of it.  I think it's the fact that for one week all of the normal handy work that gets overlooked has it's moment in the spotlight.  People are lined up to ooh and ahh over cakes, cookies and jams.  Folks mill about inspecting the details of quilts, hand made dresses and baskets.  The farmer's have their own wing to show off their prize animals and the gardener's get to display the fruits of their labors.  What other time is this kind of thing celebrated?  There is also the added draw of all the weird and unexplained items that tend to creep out at the fair and the fun of finding those craft items that cross the bridge from folky to creepy.  So despite the 100 degree temperatures, the four dollar soft drinks, hordes of people and Bug laying on the dirty floor crying because he didn't get something, I love the fair.  So here are a few more reasons why.
       See this lady's huge rabbit, see the even bigger pile of rabbit fur that she is brushing out of it?  Yep, you 
        can buy piles of rabbit fur at the fair.

        Sooo pretty!  Vintage button collections have their own category at the fair.

Giant talking Freddy.  In case you haven't seen him before, there is  a booth that interacts with the crowd via Freddy.

Funnel cake, nuff' said.

Bug didn't feel as if the normal fair food had enough calories, so he invented the nacho cheese covered hot dog.

Neil Diamond Christmas tree. :)

This amazing vintage kitchen set up.  I wish I had all of this!

Sweets showing off my dad's blue ribbon.  He made the belt.

Yeah, here is an example of one of those items that crossed the bridge into creepy town.


I think I should give knitting another go, it may be my key to a blue ribbon in the fair.

I think this is suppose to be Homer Simpson, I think.

No words, for this.

Giant inflatable colon.

Free prostrate exams.  

This guy.

Ugly lamp contest.

So these are just a few of the awesome things to be found at the KY state fair this year.  Do you check out your state fair every year?  If so what is your favorite thing about it?



  1. Just recently began following your blog. I am from the same area as you. We have already been to the fair three times. It is a grand time for all the reasons you mentioned (and more). You are guaranteed to see strange and beautiful things. Did you try a donut hamburger? Somehow I just can't wrap my mind around that one. :::shudder:::

  2. Jenny, I really wanted to try it, but chickened out at the last moment. I just couldn't imagine the damage that eating that would do to my stomach! I'm glad to have some local followers!

  3. When I was little I went to the N.Y. state fair and have such fond memories !!! I still have a piece of paper from a machine that "analyzed" handwriting - and it's totally head on correct !!!...although I would go just to have a funnel cake !( that burger is horrifying - just the fat and suger alone could knock you out !)