Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Bug was born he came home to a beautiful nursery that my husband and I had spent many weekends remodeling. It was such a peaceful room all baby blue and pale yellow, I could sit in there for hours and rock with him. But then about two weeks after Bug came home we found our dream house and decided crazily to move. So we said goodbye to that peaceful room and moved to the new house. After all of the moving and having a new baby and 3 year old to boot, the last thing that was on my mind was decorating. So for the past two years the kids have lived in really boring, sickly beige rooms, with pretty much zero character.
It has bugged me endlessly but I just really haven't had the time for a big redo until now. So sweet little bug got the first redo. We painted the boring beige walls with a punch of green and mommy made new curtains, blankets, pillows and paintings. Throw in a new rug and shelving unit and you have a pretty cool big boy room. I once again love sitting in Bug's room, it feels so fresh. Now on to Sweets room!
By the way the fabrics used for Bug's room are Alexander Henry's Traffic Jam for the curtains, a Japanese Ed Emberley print for the pillows and you can't see them but some fleece car printed fabric for one blanket that is backed with orange flannel and a blue car print flannel from Joann's that is backed with orange flannel.

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