Thursday, December 3, 2009

My New Jewelry Making Venture

In the last few months I have had less time, more frustrations, a few victories and a little peace of mind. All of this pretty much revolves around the start up of my little jewelry business. About six months ago I had the thought while shopping for earrings and finding none I liked, that 'Hey, I can do this myself'. So I started out small with a few supplies and crafted some for myself. Then I got the bug and started making more and more and added necklaces and bracelets to the mix and eventually some hair accessories too. Then the Holiday craft circuit started up and my friend Julee and I started setting up at some to sell our stuff, we share a booth she sells cute handmade kids accessories. Well surprisingly amongst the sea of other jewelry makers out there I have been doing pretty well and I kind of love it. So last week I started my big push on Etsy trying to break into that market since craft shows aren't really an all year business. Well I am frustrated to say the least, I have no idea how to market myself in this way. I have read countless articles but when it comes down to it there is just so much great stuff on Etsy it's hard to get your product seen. So that's why I need your help! Leave me a comment telling me your best Etsy selling tip and what your favorite item from my Etsy shop is and you will be entered to win these really cute Iris Earrings. These feature really pretty glass beads in shades of lavender and amethyst and an aqua blue faceted glass bead. they are on Sterling Silver ear wires.

I'll pick my favorite tip on Thursday Dec. 10th, so you have until 12 noon on the 10th to enter!


  1. Well, I'm fairly new as well. Hmm. I guess I would say what a lot of people say. Good photos are the key to selling. If people can't see how beautiful your items are, why would they buy them? As I've improved my photos, my sales have definitely gone up :) Your photos are gorgeous though, so I'd have to take a closer look at your shop.

    My favorite item from your shop is the Sunny Fields Earrings:

    thelostearring at yahoo dot com

  2. Facebook has been my best marketing tool. Love your blog!

  3. Networking and word of mouth. Once you get the product out there enough and people say "Hey, where'd you get those really cute earrings?" then it will come.

  4. I think good and nice background photo setting would do the trick. From your shop I like best the Holly Earrings and I would love to pair them with a necklace.
    Good luck with your wonderful work.
    dikatzen at yahoo dot fr

  5. Here are a few ways that prove to work:

    1. Having someone from a high profile blog to review & giveaway your products. This will attract more buyers to your shop.

    2. Promotions and discounts / free gifts will also help to increase sales.

    3. Make sure your photographs are beautiful, but do not differ much from the original item. (Yours are good - I love the photos!)

    4. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.

    5. Be an active member of the Etsy forum and make friends with other sellers because a lot of them are potential buyers.

    6. Visit others' blogs and leave a comment for them, and ask them to visit your shop if they have time.

    7. Hold a giveaway on your shop asking your readers to heart your shop, purchase from your shop or write an article about your shop to gain extra entries.

    8. Ask your readers to join your mailing list (Feedburner) so that you can notify them about the latest offers and promotions.

    9. Tell your friends about your shop and give them business cards.

    10. Now, use the ways I mentioned on top and strive for success! Good luck on your sales!

    P/S: I love the Good Wishes Necklace from your shop! :)

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  6. I sell vintage clothing on Etsy and have found the best way to promote is through the forums and Twitter. Also, the more you list the more your items will be seen! Make sure to list often so your items stay on the first couple of pages. Etsy also offers excellent tips and advice through The Storque. I highly recommend every seller check it out! Good luck with your shop... I know you're gonna do great! :)


  7. One more thing you might want to consider is putting your Etsy Mini on your blog sidebar. I know you have a link to your shop, but potential customers need to *see* what you are selling. It's very easy to do. You can find your mini on "Your Etsy" page in the "Your Account" column. I would be more than happy to help you if you need it. :)