Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello Kitty Yoga Bag

So I think I posted earlier about the sweet Japanese fabric that I got from my cousin living in Okinawa, but in case I didn't I got 6 yrds of this awesome HK fabric, 6 yrds of Pokemon fabric, and a yard each of 3 different Ed Emberly prints. I've been searching for the right projects to use this cute HK fabric with since I love it so much. I used a tiny bit in my recent swap package, and after seeing how cute it was made into something I knew what I needed to do. I started taking Yoga classes this past week and my pretty pink yoga mat had nothing to ride in on its way to class, so one Amy Butler free pattern, some HK and coordinating red polka dot fabric and an hour later we have my awesome new yoga bag. I love being able to have things that are totally different from everyone else, I'm sure that is one of the reasons I took up sewing. Oh and by the way while you are checking out Amy Butlers Nigella Yoga Bag pattern look at all the other amazing free patterns she offers!

- Kim

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  1. very nice. i'm jealous as i have an oddly consuming fascination with hello kitty myself.