Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My World

I have been out of sorts this past week.  Things are insanely busy around here although it feels like nothing is being accomplished.  My day is broken up into barely usable segments since school has started.  I leave to take Bug to school at 8:30, drop him off at 9, get back home at 9:30, then leave to get him again at 11:30, back home by 12:30 then leave to pick up Sweets at 2:00 and get back at 3:30.  I'm not really complaining, I knew that lots of driving was part of the deal with moving to our current area and having the kids go to the schools we have chosen, it really is worth it.  I haven't felt mad or anything like that just out of sorts, kind of lost in all the shuffle I guess.  So I really don't have a big post to share with you, just a reflection of my week.

I've been working on a little of this

These are for a special present that I'm working on for my niece.

Some of this.

I bought a lot of cool vintage items for my Etsy shop and a few for myself like this cool chair.

Celebrated my birthday with a lovely coffee date with two of my favorite people, Julee and Grace.  Julee gave me this cool vintage Pyrex and a pretty vintage apron, because she's cool like that.

Then there has been a little of this or maybe a lot.

Which has helped me to cope with the kids playroom.

The load of laundry that is coated with red crayon.

the bag of fiberfill that the kids dumped in the living room so that it would look like it was snowing and the entire roll of toilet paper that bug unrolled, stuffed in the toilet and then flushed.  I took a picture of this, but I have some manners so I won't show a picture of my toilet of here. :)

I hope you have a great week and I'll try and get it together for a long post about the birthday party we are having at my house this weekend for my niece.


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  1. Oh I've just passed thru those days but remember them well !!! Your whole days IS running back and forth and broken up and does take some getting used to. I won't say it gets easier but you work around it. This is my second year of the boys all being full day and I don't think I've fully caight up yet !!!