Monday, June 14, 2010

4th of July Inspiration

After having a full week of recuperating from the kids parties I have officially started the planning for our 4th of July bash (technically 2nd of July bash).  Initially I had planned to reuse a lot of the decorations from the kids party, but I just can't shake the urge to have patriotic colors.  We are planning to do a similar soda bar set up and instead of a candy buffet a dessert buffet.  I think I am planning to use red, white and aqua or sky blue, just to mix it up a little.  I also would like to use bandannas as most of the fabric.  So I thought I would put together a little inspiration post for myself and maybe it will help you guys prepare for your parties also.


                                          Martha Strawberry and cream dessert

                                Taste of Home Cupcakes

                                            Country Living  I would just use blue and red

                                Cupcake Kabobs

                                Lovely Bunting from SpringChick on Etsy


So that's all for now.  Surprisingly I didn't find a lot of awesome ideas for this. Most stuff is a little too red, white and blue for my tastes.  Martha really has the most and best ideas for a 4th party that is still pretty.  I have a lot of my own ideas floating around in my head too, so I think I can successfully pull off a lovely red, white and blue party.



  1. Oh, good luck! My family never puts any emphasis on decorating or fun food. They're a casserole and fruit salad type of family. Sigh. I think when it's my turn to start throwing family picnics and parties, I'm going to step it up a notch! :) Thanks for the inspo.

  2. I totally agree Marthas got the best stuff !!! I've been hoarding red, white and blue for my three little Leos that have birthdays at the end of July. I love the table runner !!! I may do red and blue : ). I don't know where you are but Christmas Tree Shops have a ton of very inexpensive vintage style stuff !