Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

So I'm back.  School is over finally and things are starting to get back into a livable rhythm.  I've been trying to take sometime to get caught up on some neglected things this week and trying to get caught up on some enjoyable things as well.  So this week my suggestion to you for Wonderful Wednesday is to do something you enjoy.  Today I signed up for my first craft swap over on Craftster, it is something I have wanted to do forever and I'm so glad I finally did.  It's a Sanrio/Kawaii swap and I am super excited to get started, especially since I received 15 yrds of Japanese fabric from my cousin this past week.  I also finally made a Wist list.  I always see amazing stuff that I love online but then just bookmark and forget about, so hopefully now I can remember some of it when it comes time to buy or get presents (hint, hint).  Last but not least I am on my way to my first farmer's market of the season to enjoy some time outside with the kids.  So whatever little thing it may be, take a few minutes to breathe this week and just enjoy.

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