Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Brunch Menu

As I mentioned before I am hosting my first Easter for my family. I have decided to go with a brunch since a lot of folks have other plans for that evening. I have been searching through all of my sources deciding on what to serve and think I have it all figured out. So although I can't post pictures of any of these since I don't plan on doing Easter twice, I will go ahead and give you the menu and recipes and will post pics after the event. Hopefully this can help save some of you a little time and effort not having to plan a menu from scratch.

Easter Brunch Menu:

Country ham on buttermilk biscuits
Deli turkey on onion rye dinner rolls
Seven layer salad
Italian marinated salad
Mustard dill tortellini salad skewers
Veggie tray
Fruit salad or tray
Deviled eggs
Mini sausage quiches
Smoked salmon canapes
Asparagus and ham casserole
Shrimp salad in toast cups

Coconut cake- my mom is making this but I will try and get her recipe.

Lemon pie

Chocolate cupcakes with coconut nests on top- I'm using the recipe from my hostess cupcakes minus the filling. coconut nests are made by mixing melted chocolate with toasted coconut, shaping them into nest shapes and adding egg shaped candy, I'll put one of these on top of each ganache dipped cupcake.

Chocolate cups with fruit- I buy molded chocolate cups at the store and then fill them with sliced strawberries and frozen blueberries that have been tossed with a little granulated sugar.


Citrus Cooler

Lemonade with strawberries- I just cut some up and float them on top of the lemonade

There you have it, hope this is helpful for somebody.


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  1. Hi Kim,
    Just thought I would drop by for a visit.
    Your menu for Easter Brunch looks good... it's making me hungry. Hope that you have a great day together with your family and friends.
    Take care.